... the monovelo

Exciting, fun and thrill

The monovelo is the first available human powered monowheel in the 21st century. Learning to ride it takes only a few hours. Once you are able to ride a monovelo you’ll explore that it is pure fun, excitement and thrill.

“You've really given me something life changing!”
(Anthony, monovelo owner and rider)

Imagine yourself inside a wheel. You are the wheel! The world is all yours. It is you and gravity forces. The monovelo is steered by shifting your weight. Braking is done by the feet, it is done quickly.
The monovelo is a perfect eye-catcher for advertising and in most countries street-legal. So you can just ride a monovelo and your campaign is literally on every street. See some night impressions with the LED-lighted monovelos here:


How does it work?

How does it work? The monovelo consists of an inner and an outer frame. The inner frame has three small wheels that make contact with the outer frame. The outer frame is the actual rotating wheel and has a solid rubber tire. The rider sits inside the inner frame that also contains the pedal mechanism and the seat. There are basically two versions, an LED-lighted and an unlighted one. The one without lights has a price of USD 2'290 plus shipping and handling. The second version is identical to the monovelo used in the closing ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing 2008 and has LED-lights. Three colors of the LED-lights are available: Red, white and blue. The lighted version costs USD 2'490 plus shipping and handling.

monovelo specifications:

Net weight: 38 kg
Payload: 100 kg
Diameter: 2008 mm × width 560 mm

The monovelo is made from ABS plastic (outer wheel), steel (inner wheel) and a solid rubber tire without an inner tube. 

Packing size: Length 1260 mm × width 290 mm × height 950 mm, gross weight 52 kg.


The assembly of the monovelo is very easy, just have a look at the assembly video: